The Gaza crisis and the American failure in resolving conflicts

The ability of the US to address global issues and resolve conflicts was discussed in a note published by GPTT’s researchers in Tehran Times newspaper in English on November 19. Ali Salehian and Mojtaba Hosseini Fahraji pointed out that after WWII, the US became a leading force in shaping international relations and influencing and resolving global crises. However, today, its failure in state-building in Afghanistan and its closest allies’ “lack of confidence” in Washington, have questioned such a position. In this context, the recent Gaza crisis is just the newest case of American failure in addressing global challenges. In fact, according to them, “the current situation of the U.S. in West Asia can be traced back to a syndrome of exhaustion, which means the imbalance between the U.S. commitments and its ability, with its ability being weaker.”

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