GPTT with its nine specialized departments tries to effectively address the governance issues and pave the way toward sustainable growth and development. The departments are as follows:

  • Communications and Media Policy Department
  • Administration and Public Sector Reform Department
  • International Department
  • Political and Parliamentary Studies Department
  • Policy Research Club
  • Digital Governance Department
  • Iran's Regulators Club
  • Economic Policy-making Department
  • The Center of Development and Competition Studies Department

 At a Glance

Communications and Media Policy Department

This department was formed with the aim of entering the field of media policy research and its development. Communications and Media Policy Department tries to investigate policy issues and design and propose appropriate policies accordingly.

Administration and Public Sector Reform Department

Administration and Public Sector Reform Department describes, analyzes and prescribes a policy from the perspective of knowledge and new models of governance, and defines solving the most important structural and functional issues of the Iranian governance system as its main goal.

International Department

Utilizing the institutional advantage of GPTT, the department focuses on "expert diplomacy." Expert or intellectual diplomacy refers to the role of non-governmental actors such as think tanks, research centers, scholars, and universities in making foreign policy as well as its implementation.  

Political and Parliamentary Studies Department

This department has been the first and perhaps the only independent specialized institution of parliamentary studies in Iran and it was established in 2016 ​to reform the processes of the parliament at the practical level and develop the discourse of parliamentary studies at the theoretical level.

Policy Research Club

This club was established to train talented people in the field of governance and policy-making in Iran. "Promotion," "Education," and "Empowerment" are three main goals of programs that the club plans and executes.

Digital Governance Department

The department seeks to identify and deeply understand technological developments and changes and their impact on the current structure, system, rules, and norms of governance to address the problems and challenges of the digital era.

Iran's Regulators Club

Given the development of the regulatory system and the expansion of the regulatory institutions in Iran, cooperation and synergy among various regulators is a necessity. This is the main goal of the department in the field of regulation.  

Economic Policy-making Department

Designing policy packages to be presented to governing institutions is the aim of the department, which also closely consults with those institutions to include the think tank's proposed policies in the process of economic policy-making.

Development and Competition Studies Department

By bridging the gap between the public and private sectors, this center identifies the challenges of the private sector regarding policy-making and regulation in different markets. Then, it tries to solve them through knowledge-based analyses and provides its proposals to policy-makers.