The Gaza crisis and the “existentialization” of traditional challenges

Examining security challenges in West Asia is among the most important topics discussed at the Amman Security Colloquium, held by Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS) on November 8 and 9 in Amman, Jordan. GPTT’s co-founder, Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Emamian attended the conference and made remarks on the topic. He mentioned the emergence of non-traditional challenges and, at the same time, the exacerbation of traditional challenges, the latter is particularly evident in the recent Gaza crisis. According to him, almost all countries in the region will face a serious strategic challenge regarding the post-war regional order. In particular, the most crucial question would be how to live with the new Israel, as a regime that is “publicly delegitimized” and feels constantly existentially threatened by the region. He suggested that Iran, in light of “the total failure” of the two-state solution in practice, put forward its proposal again, which is based on a fully democratic referendum with the participation of all Palestinians including those who have been forced to leave their homeland.

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