October 7 was a turning point in West Asia’s developments, experts say

Several experts from various countries participated in the GPTT’s two-day online conference held on the matter of the recent Gaza crisis, titled “Regional order after 7th of October: Scenarios and perspectives” on November 29-30. Ret. Army General from Jordan, deputy director of the CICIR’s Institute of Middle East Studies from China, dean of the Iranian School of International Relations from Iran, Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP)’s senior advisor from Switzerland, board member of Al Rafidain Center for Dialogue from Iraq, and Istituto Affari Internazionali’s researcher from Italy were some of the panelists. Almost all of them referred to October 7 as a turning point in West Asia’s development and pointed out the fact that the process of Arab-Israeli normalization has been seriously hindered. How the US policies in the region have influenced the recent crisis and previous ones was another subject that different panelists talked about. Experts also emphasized that “the question of Palestine” has been brought back and it could no longer be taken for granted.

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