IRIB’s strict requirements should not be imposed on private VOD platforms, says GPTT’s ED

The enduring challenge of regulating private VOD and other media platforms and their relationship with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) as the main state-owned media in Iran has raised a lot of questions in recent years. In a roundtable held on January 7 discussing “the prospect of policy-making for VODs,” GPTT’s executive director, Ali Saad mentioned the recent rapid development of VOD platforms in Iran as a relatively new phenomenon that need to be addressed since the IRIB’s monopoly in Iranian mainstream media has no longer persist and “healthy regulators” can manage the new situation. By regulatory “health,” he meant transparency, independence, predictability, and diversity in regulatory tools, indicators developed by GPTT’s researchers. According to the difference between public and private sector media, Saad suggested that the same strict requirements that should be met regarding the content published by IRIB should not be imposed on private sector VOD platforms. He also suggested that content cannot be separately regulated and based on the experience of other countries, regulations should be unified and comprehensive and include all areas of concern.

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